Re-Injury Prevention

Any, even a small injury, fall or trauma may cause muscle imbalance, restriction of movement, deficits of body’s response to sudden movement and create a sure way of increased wear and tear of our tendons, ligaments and joint cartilage. All these changes lead to decay of our body parts with increased possibility of developing painful conditions, limited mobility with increased risk of re-injury and falling.

Fall Prevention - Physio ToronoWe see people all the time who assume that their impaired mobility, balance and mobility issues are due to their age or their medical condition and think that nothing can be done.

Most of them had an injury years ago, have never gone for the treatment, or never completed it as it appeared to them as not significant enough or the injured body part was not painful any more. Often, they come to us with another problem, which appears distant from that old injury. After a thorough assessment, we often discover that the malfunctioning of another body part is linked to that old injury, which  has been silent, i.e. not causing any pain, leading them to think that everything was OK.

How we help?

We assess you body from head to toe to determine contributing factors which may have led  to the development of your problem. We help you understand your condition and factors which lead to its  development. Then, we teach you what  YOU can  do to help your body heal itself. We teach you how to speed up your recovery, influence the improved functioning of your body, restore your mobility and prevent future injuries.

With detailed assessment, we find those areas of malfunctioning and help your body to restore its potential, so that you can resume your favorite activities and sports regardless of your age or condition. We help you   enjoy the life you want and deserve.

Positions we assume during the day and our activities are essential components of our well being and  health, and are often neglected. Your active involvement, whenever possible, is crucial to speed up the recovery. We provide you with the advice on:

  • Back care
  • Posture
  • Safe work practices
  • Exercise to return to work / sport following injury
  • Fitness / Health / Wellbeing
  • Balance
  • Fall prevention

If you are curious to find out if you might be a candidate for resuming the lifestyle you want and deserve, contact us. We would love to hear your story and tell you if you would be a good fit for our clinic.