Fall & Re-Injury Prevention

If you have limited activity and mobility level due to the fall, trauma or fear of falling or reinjuring yourself, you might benefit from a physiotherapy assessment and treatment.

Fall Prevention - Physio Torono It is not a rare occasion that people who had a minor fall or traumatic event even years ago and for whatever reasons didn’t go through a physiotherapy program  or went but never completed  it  may have residual balance or mobility problems.  They may assume that their impaired mobility is fully due to their age or condition they have and are frequently  not aware of effect of the individualized physiotherapy intervention and how their everyday life could be changed so that they enjoy it way more for many years to come, rather than waiting for all of it to end.

Working as a physiotherapists for over two decades in various settings, including as rehabilitation centers, acute and rehab hospitals as well as homes for seniors and long term facilities we gained extensive experience treating people who experienced one or multiple falls and whose life got enriched post physiotherapy intervention.

Let us assess your physical activity status and make suggestions of what would be a good program for your needs. We can create a unique exercise program which will help you regain your confidence level so that you resume your preinjury status and improve the quality of your life.

Re-Injury Prevention

Our extensive experience more than anything else, thought us how positions we assume, activities we perform and environmental factors are essential components of our well being and  health.

During our interaction, we assess you whole body to determine contributing factors which lead  to development of your problem. We focus on teaching you to understand your condition and factors which lead to its  development. Then, we teach you what  you can  do to speed up your recovery,  improve/influence the functioning of your body, maintain your progress, restore your health and fitness and prevent future injuries with minimal effort.

Therefore, we emphases your active involvement, whenever possible. We will provide you with the advice on:

  • Back care
  • Posture
  • Safe work practices
  • Exercise to return to work / sport following injury
  • Fitness / Health / Wellbeing
  • Balance
  • Fall prevention