About Mira

Mira Miskovic PT, Cert. MDT, MCPA, M.OMSc is an osteopathic manual practitioner and registered physiotherapist who specializes in helping people who had limited or no results with previous treatments, people who believe that nothing else can be done due to their MRI or X ray results, get back to normal, being mobile and active, without harmful pills, injections or surgeries

Mira Miskovic

Mira Miskovic PT, Cert. MDT, MCPA

Over the years, Mira has helped numerous people suffering from disk bulging and disk herniation, sciatica, low back, neck and shoulders pain post sports or work related injuries. Working in hospital settings for years, Mira had excellent results helping people recover post surgeries, THR (total hip replacement), TKR (total knee replacement), as well as people recovering post motor vehicle accidents, trauma, post stroke, concussions, head and spinal cord injuries, age-related and balance problems.

If you or someone you know suffers from ongoing pain and would like to get rid of it, Mira would love an opportunity to discuss different options and help.


About Dr. Cornelia Radulovici ND, MD (Physiatrist - Europe)

With over 35 years of clinical experience in Western Medicine and 16 years in Intergrative Naturopathic Medicine, Dr. Radulovici has had great success in helping numerous people overcome serious diseases. She is well known as a great diagnostician and providing second opinion to people searching for answers.
As a cancer survivor herself, she dedicated her life to find out more about how nature can help us heal. As a Medical Doctor by trade, she has inborn desire to know the science behind. She continues to take her learning to the next level, learning more about how the food we eat affects us and our genes at the cellular level.

Dr. Radulovici dedicated her life to help others overcome their health challenges and would love to help you achieve optimal health and regain your life back.

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