McKenzie Approach

McKenzie treatment method is a comprehensive, research proven approach to the treatment of the back, neck and extremities, based on a consistent “cause and effect” relationship between pain behavior and response to repeated test movements, positions and activities during the assessment process.

Why you should demand McKenzie approach?

  • Highly efficient and cost effective
  • Reduced number of visits, typically 3-5
  • 70-80% of patients experience rapid pain relief
  • Extensive imaging, such as MRI is seldom required as often problem gets resolved much sooner than with traditional methods

How MDT differs from traditional physiotherapy approach?

  • Focus is on active patient involvement
  • McKenzie trained therapists are highly educated on recognizing pain behavior and use it to determine what is causing your problem and how to resolve it in the shortest period of time
  • When needed, McKenzie clinician will provide advanced hands-on techniques until YOU can successfully manage on your own, should you wish to speed up your recovery
  • Involves great deal of educating YOU about WHY you developed your problem, teaching you HOW to resolve it and prevent from reoccurring
  • Self-treatment program tailored to your lifestyle puts you in control as you receive necessary knowledge and tools. You are thought to recognize the responses of your body and act accordingly, which allows you to rapidly manage your symptoms if/when they occur so that the risk of  recurrence gets minimized

What does MDT system involve?

  • An assessment where a systematic progression of applied mechanical forces – repeated movements (the cause) utilizes pain response (the effect) to monitor changes in motion/function.
  • The underlying disorder can then be quickly identified through objective findings.
  • The McKenzie classification of pain provides reproducible means of separating patients with apparently similar presentations into definable sub-groups (syndromes) to determine appropriate treatment.

McKenzie approach addresses a growing demand from referring physicians, orthopedic surgeons, patients  and third-party payers for professional rehabilitation services that develop the patient’s self-treatment skills in a cost- and time-effective manner and with lasting results.

Research has shown initial McKenzie assessment procedures to be as reliable as costly diagnostic imaging (e.g. X-rays and MRI’s) to determine the source of the problem and quickly select those who will respond to the treatment.

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