Osteopathy is a non invasive, drug-free, ‘hands on’ approach of alternative medicine which searches for the causes of malfunctioning of the body. It is based on an in depth knowledge of anatomy, biomechanics and physiology. By correcting altered biomechanics of the body (frequently created as a protective pattern due to an injury or pathology or simply as a consequence of a cultural, sport or habitual reasons) osteopathy regulates the circulatory,  lymphatic and nervous system, stimulates normal physiology to resume and restores health. The goal is to provide the patient overall good health and well being.

The name osteopathy is derived from Greek words οστέων – osteon: bone and πάθη – pathy: suffering.

“ Tie a string around your finger tight. What will follow? The finger will turn red and then it will turn black. In time it will die. No treatment, internal or external, material or mental can save your finger so long as the sting remains. The only thing necessary is the removal of the string. This in a crude way illustrates the principle which is the basis of Osteopathy. 

This principle is that anything which interferes with blood currents or with nerve impulses must be overcome in order to secure health of the parts affected.” E.M. Downing, D.O

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